Social justice warriors do not like the term “illegal alien.” They like to say, well, these people are not law-breakers. How can do say that with a straight face? Once you do not respect the sovereignty of a nation, you are bound to break some laws along the way. How many illegal aliens are there […]

  The Order of the Sons of Hermann, also known as Hermann Sons and by its German name as Der Orden der Hermann’s Soehne or Hermannssöhne, is a mutual aid society for German immigrants that was formed in New York City on July 20, 1840.[1][2] The order provides low-cost insurance and mutual aid and has […]

It is pretty amazing to see this in the flesh, er, I mean in the rock. I had seen this when it appeared in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. ( Now that I have written this, I had to go back to see the scene in the movie in which the Tower and the mothership […]

Not sure that Monica would approve of this particular fashion statement. Lewinsky is a fashion designer, I am told. The Wife is also a little uneasy about my political shirts. She is more likely to approve of word puns or sports teams. I am not a “in-your-face” sort of guy, unless you think this shirt […]

After the wife and I started travelling following our marriage in SEP 2015, I tried to get her excited about the National Park System ( She had heard about them but was not on a tear to see a large number of the property under the NPS flag. There are only 59 national parks, but I […]

I first heard about Korn from Jim Powers, a fellow vet I met while I served in air defense while stationed at Fort Carson. I thought it would be strange if I actually like their music since corn was my favorite vegetable. My new diet considers corn too starchy so I do not eat it […]

I am not sure how people react to me wearing this shirt. They have some sort of reaction, but it is not clear. Do they think that I am celebrating my union? Do they think I am hen pecked? The legal recognition of marriage is regulated by individual states, each of which sets an “age […]