T07 Texas BBQ has five variations

Scotty’s BBQ (http://www.scottysbbqaustin.com) has a tasty offering out of a food truck in Austin, Texas. I gladly chowed down on the cream corn, but the wife dove into the brisket.

Texas Barbecue is a traditional style of preparing meat unique to the cuisine of Texas. It is one of the many different varieties of barbecue found around the world, according to Wikipedia.

Generally speaking, the different Texas barbecue styles are distinguished as follows:[1]

  • East Texas style: The meat is slowly cooked to the point that it is “falling off the bone.” It is typically cooked over hickory wood and marinated in a sweet, tomato-based sauce.
  • Central Texas style: The meat is rubbed with spices and cooked over indirect heat from pecan or oak wood.
  • West Texas style: The meat is cooked over direct heat from mesquite wood.
  • South Texas style: Features thick, molasses-like sauces that keep the meat very moist.

The barbacoa tradition is somewhat different from all of these. Though beef may be used, goat or sheep meat are common as well (sometimes the entire animal may be used). In its most traditional form, barbacoa is prepared in a hole dug in the ground and covered with maguey leaves.[4]

20170124 Scottys BBQ tee


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