T20 Now this shirt is documented

20170304 Gringo tee jpg

Social justice warriors do not like the term “illegal alien.” They like to say, well, these people are not law-breakers. How can do say that with a straight face? Once you do not respect the sovereignty of a nation, you are bound to break some laws along the way. How many illegal aliens are there in the United States? Some 11 million by some estimates. Hard to tell since most exist in the shadows of society.  Unless they are school aged children. Then they go through the porous doors of the educational system. There is never enough money to take care of the elderly, the homeless veterans or children from broken homes, but have you noticed how many illegal aliens are costing state and federal budgets?


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  1. On this particular topic of the T-shirt, it might be noted the cost of illegal immigration in United States individuals get hurt children get sick and I have to go to the ER or the hospitals they have no money to pay for the visits so who pays for the visits either the American taxpayer pays for the visit or the hospital writes it off. Ultimately the cost of illegal immigration is said to be at 99 million if I’m correct. Okay now they say building a wall would be 9 million maybe I have that incorrect numbers I don’t know but it’s either 99 billion or 9 billon the wall one of those two numbers.

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