T 031 Are you a child of the Korn?

Tee 20170519 Korn

How is it possible that the album that inspired this t-shirt is 15 years old? Do you know when you start to feel old? When the music you grew up with migrates to the oldies station. Not that that has happened with this group, but music I grew up with is so old that it is being newly discovered by a new generation. Think the Bee Gees or Supertramp.

A friend of my that used to be in air defense unit taught me about Korn back in 2001. He know is getting his master’s in social work in Idaho.

If you nothing about Korn, you can see what the experts say about Jonathan  Davis and his crew. (http://www.metacritic.com/music/untouchables/korn) or you can go with my go-to source, Wikipedia. The discography of American nu metal band Korn consists of twelve studio albums, three live albums, eight compilation albums, seven video albums, seven extended plays, forty-three singles, nine promotional singles and forty-six music videos, according to Wikipedia, one of my fav info sources.


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