T 039 No mon is an island

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It all began with a naked girl on a beach. Peering down from the clifftop as she emerged from the waves on to a pristine white beach, Ian Fleming’s friend Ivar Bryce knew he’d found the spot. “Tie it up tomorrow,” he said to the Jamaican fixer with him. “Ian will adore this place.” (See full story here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/caribbean/jamaica/articles/Jamaica-the-island-that-defined-James-Bond/)

According to Wikipedia, Jamaica has three unimportant counties, but 18 parishes. Due to a person that used to be a good friend of mine from Kingston, we were able to travel through all of the parishes, all of which have a coastline. I did that about four years after I retired from the US Army.  Not all local inhabitants have done that trip and fewer outsiders. If I were blogging back then, I would have documented that trip.


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  1. Damaris Delgado Arias · · Reply

    Me encanta la camiseta y la historia sobre la chica que aparece desnuda en la playa. Además Jamaica siempre ha sido un lugar muy interesante para mi. Me gustaría ir algún día. Saludos.

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