About MA Rivas

Six Flags over Texas

Six Flags over Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The former Neutral Zone between Iraq and Saudi...

The former Neutral Zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20130407 Twitter mugMARivas from Texas is soon retiring from the US Army after almost 23 year of fighting against enemies of the United States of America. After deploying to Iraq four times since 1991, he has returned with his fingers and toes and his mind mostly intact. He also was posted four years in Germany, two years in Korea, eight months in Saudi Arabia and four months in Kuwait along with domestic assignments in California and Texas. As he transfers to a life of leisure, he is planning on making enough money to live on cheese ramen while studying international relations somewhere in Europe. His interest are many, but this blog is about getting a handle on his stinking t-shirt collection. Anyone wanna guess how many of the non-dress shirts he has?


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