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T29 I don’t know jack about working this joint

One of the first jobs that I had in Austin in 1981 was working at Jack-in-the-Box ( This was after my job after my time at the Brownville Herald as a sportswriter. It was a step-down, as you can imagine, but I was trying to survive my first year at the University of Texas. I […]

T22 No broken connection to the past

The Broken Spoke, a legendary dance hall founded in 1964, still features live music nightly. Owner James White had a reputation for booking local acts and “outlaw” bands that had gained notoriety by rebelling against the mainstream Nashville sound. Leading this brigade were Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Such Texas favorites as the Dixie Chicks […]

T07 Texas BBQ has five variations

Scotty’s BBQ ( has a tasty offering out of a food truck in Austin, Texas. I gladly chowed down on the cream corn, but the wife dove into the brisket. Texas Barbecue is a traditional style of preparing meat unique to the cuisine of Texas. It is one of the many different varieties of barbecue […]

T05 Fav place to speak German in Vegas

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, I love going to the Hofbrau Haus. It is not for the paddling by pretty women. It is mostly for the pretzels and food. And the music is great, too. Beer is a major part of German culture, according to Wikipedia. German beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, […]

T03 I will drink for t-shirts

While stationed at Fort Carson (2000, 2006)  I discovered Old Chicago which sponsored a beer tour, a way of encouraging customers to keep coming back. The World Beer tour requires customers to drink a wide range of beers. The mini-tours feature Cinco de Mayo, St Paddy’s Day or the Fourth of July. Once you finish […]