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T 031 Are you a child of the Korn?

How is it possible that the album that inspired this t-shirt is 15 years old? Do you know when you start to feel old? When the music you grew up with migrates to the oldies station. Not that that has happened with this group, but music I grew up with is so old that it […]

T28 Might be corny, but I like it

T-shirts at concerts are expensive, but I wanted to go in a matching outfit with The Wife. Instead of getting one at the Boston vendor both, I decided to get a matching set of these for our date night. We both some nice comments as we walked to the Majestic Theather, avenue in San Antonio […]

T22 No broken connection to the past

The Broken Spoke, a legendary dance hall founded in 1964, still features live music nightly. Owner James White had a reputation for booking local acts and “outlaw” bands that had gained notoriety by rebelling against the mainstream Nashville sound. Leading this brigade were Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Such Texas favorites as the Dixie Chicks […]

T15 Nothing corny about this shirt

I first heard about Korn from Jim Powers, a fellow vet I met while I served in air defense while stationed at Fort Carson. I thought it would be strange if I actually like their music since corn was my favorite vegetable. My new diet considers corn too starchy so I do not eat it […]